Piotr Tasarz

+48 505 948 912
  • Civilian Krav Maga
  • Law Enforcement
  • Krav Maga Kids
  • Instruktor Rekreacji Ruchowej o specjalności Samoobrona

Piotrek started his adventure with sport at the age of seven. For the first three years he was training Kung-Fu Hung Gar in the Tiger-Crane style. Later on, his passion led him to learning the art of survival and scouting (he had his own team of scouts). In 2003, he began training Muay Thai at Camel Fight Club in Olsztyn. Unfortunately, he had to end his career as a competitor due to health reasons. In the following years, he was training archery, K1, wrestling, BJJ, knight fighting and many other sports. His passion for martial arts flourished again when he went to his first Krav Maga classes in 2010. Initially, he trained with Krzysztof Lewicki, then with Sebastian Smulski (Sparta Krav Maga). During this period, Piotr participated in every possible Krav Maga seminar he could (he has taken part in over a hundred to this day). In 2012, he completed the Civil Krav Maga Instructor and Kids Instructor courses at the European Krav Maga Association in the Sparta Krav Maga club. In 2013, he opened his own Krav Maga club in Mława. In November 2016, Piotr joined the group of Krav Maga instructors in the International Krav Maga Federation with a G3 degree. In February 2018, he completed the Civil Krav Maga Instructor and Law Enforcement Instructor courses at the Israeli Tactical School Krav Maga in the Netherlands. In 2019, Piotr became one of the founders of Collegium Krav Maga Self-Defense School, where he is primarily responsible for teaching children (but he also conducts classes for adults). Thanks to his experience in scouting, years of working with children and an exceptional empathetic and professional approach, Piotr has now hundreds of devoted young students. He also cooperated with many psychologists, pediatricians and educators and this wide experience contributed to gaining the trust of his students’ parents.