Personal Training

This is undoubtedly the best form of training if you want to achieve quick results. Your every defect, inability to exercise, injury, phobia, or fear is taken into account and you can count on the individual approach tailored to your needs. Personal training will give you a feeling of safety and comfort regardless of whether you are ashamed of your body, don’t like crowds, or you react badly to failures. Each error will be thoroughly discussed, each technique and its individual elements repeated hundreds of times. During personal training, the instructor is solely focused on you. If we take a look at the watch or pick up the phone, we do this to monitor the length of the exercises or to document your progress. Our staff is constantly being trained to provide you with inspiration, motivation and energy. We cooperate with the best psychologists and specialists in working methodology.

If you want to feel that the whole world is spinning around you, you should give this form of training a shot! Ps. This does not mean that it will be easy. You will have to pay with sweat and fatigue for the effects, and we have very high prices in this currency. The first personal training in our school is FREE! Don’t hesitate to try – you’ve got nothing to lose except for excess weight and fears 😉