About us


We are a group of instructors and friends who have been working together for many years. We’ve gone through a lot, starting from twelve-hours exams to overcoming many adversities together. We were training together and acquiring more knowledge. We were celebrating our successes and mourning our failures. Each of us has been constantly developing their qualifications in various fields for many years. Motivated by the hunger for knowledge, we are looking for new solutions, training methods and optimal techniques that will be effective in real life-threatening situations.


It may sound like a marketing trick but we really love our job. Each of us started training out of passion and wants to teach with passion. We’re glad to hear about our students’ successes. Each story in which they used Krav Maga to protect themselves and their loved ones fills our hearts with pride, our minds with motivation and our eyes with tears. We do what we can to make the world a safer place. That’s our mission.