For companies

Every company owner knows that people are the most important part of it! A well-coordinated, trustworthy and cooperating team is a treasure in a world filled with mobbing, rotation of managers and exploitation. Our experience and knowledge, which we have acquired from entrepreneurs, uniformed workers and psychologists cooperating with us, allow us to say that such bonds are not created during smoking cigarettes or drinking coffee in the kitchen. Corporate events with alcohol are also a bad idea for that. The best tool to strengthen the bond between team members is physically strenuous training in which you have to show your will to fight! Going through hardships and adversities together strengthens ties, selects leaders from the group, and reveals which aspects of cooperation should be worked on. The team that went through the “training hell” together with all its members fighting till the end, will be unstoppable at work! At Collegium Krav Maga we guarantee that after classes with us your team will be healthier, more self-confident and ready to face any difficulties. Maybe individual members will still have their faults but they will surely be invincible as a team!